A sad week for music and comedy lovers!

posted by: Laura Robinson in Blog

The whole country seems to be talking about the unfortunate losses we had this week with the deaths of the great Victoria wood and Prince. We have actually had more celebrity losses in 2016 recorded than in any other whole year recorded. A sad but true fact for you all.

Sympathy has been flooding in from other music stars who were influenced so much from Prince. This has got us all talking in the office with regards to what influences us on a day to day basis. Maybe its things you see/ hear on the TV or radio. A lot of my friends are influenced by things they see on Pinterest or Facebook, this is definitely a favourite for friends that are getting married, planning events or could even just be down to new hair styles or outfits. All in all we are influenced in some ways nearly every minute of the day, sometimes not even noticing that we are being. Advertisements on websites, reading titles when you are waiting for appointments and then remembering a few days later that you had seen something somewhere and then using it from there.

Maybe this weekend we could all really try and figure out what we strive to be influenced by and how we can make this happen….

Have a great weekend all.


Laura 🙂